Makalu I Overview

Peak ID





8463 M / 27766 FT


27º 53' 21


27º 53' 21


1st ascent on

May 15,1955

1st ascent by

Jean Couzy,
Lionel Terray,

Mount Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world, located in the Mahalangur range of the Nepal Himalayas, southeast of Mount Everest is in the border between Nepal and Tibet. Makalu is an isolated peak which is shaped like a four-sided pyramid. Makalu I and Makalu II are the two notable subsidiary peaks of Makalu lying 3 km north-northwest of the main summit. The peak elevates to a height of 8,463 m. Makalu I lies in Makalu Village Development Committee under Makalu rural municipality of Sankhuwasabha District in Eastern Development Region of Nepal. It is open for expeditions. It takes approximately 75 days to summit Makalu I. A flight to Tumlingtar is the entry point for Makalu I. Jean Couzy and Lionel Terray were the first mountaineers to successfully ascend the peak on May 15, 1955. The caravan route for Makalu I begins from Tumlingtar to Bamling to Seduwa to Sadema to KaloPokhari and finally to the Base Camp. The total distance of the caravan route through Tumlingtar is 93.7 km. The total climbing route length is 5.8 km. The nearest settlement to Makalu I is at Sadema at a distance of 41.4 km .The nearest health post to the peak is in Murmi Danda which is at 48.6 km away.


  • Province:

    Province 1
  • Mountain Range:

  • District:

  • Municipality/Rural Municipality:


Nearest help center

( from the basecamp along
the caravan route )
  • Health centre/post:

    Murmi Danda 48.6KM
  • Nearest settlement :

    Sadema 41.4KM

Royalty Fees

  • Nepalese (NRs):

    Rs.2500 in Summer and Winter, Rs.5000 in Autumn and seasons and Rs.10000 in Spring.
  • Foreigners (USD):

    $450.00 in Summer and Winter, $900.00 in Autumn and $1800.00 in Spring

How to get there

  • From Kathmandu:

    Flight to Tumlingtar
  • Caravan route:

    Tumlingtar-Chichila-Num-Yak Kharkha-BC
  • Caravan route

    93.7KM through Tumlingtar
  • Climbing route

  • Duration:

    75 Days


Four Faces

East East face from Lumba sumba

South East from Makalu BC