Manaslu Overview

Other Name

Kampunge, Kutang I, Peak 30

Peak ID





8163 M / 26781 FT


28º 33' 01


84º 33' 42


1st ascent on

May 9,1956

1st ascent by

Toshio Imanishi,
Gyaltsen Norbu Sherpa,

Mount Manaslu, also known as Kampunge is the eighth highest mountain in the world. It is located in the west-central part of Nepal. Manaslu in Sanskrit means “manasa” meaning “Intellect” or “soul”. The peak elevates to a height of 8,163 m. Manaslu lies in Thoche, Dharapani and Samagaun Village Development Committee of Manang and Gorkha Districts in the Western Development Region of Nepal. It is open for expeditions. It takes approximately 65 days to climb Manaslu Peak. A drive to Dhadingbesi or a drive to Gorkha are the two entry points for Manaslu Peak. Toshio Imanishi and Gyaltsen Norbu Sherpa were the first to successfully ascend this peak on 9 May 1956. Caravan route: There are two caravan routes for Manaslu Peak. The first begins from Gorkha to Khanchok to Deurali to Gumda to Jagat to Philim to Bihi to Namrung to Samagaun and finally to the Base Camp. The other is from Dhadingbesi to Arughat to Jagat to Philim to Bihi to Namrung to Samagaun and finally to the Base Camp. The total distance of the caravan route through Gorkha is 120.6 km and through Dhadingbesi is 120.1 km. The total climbing route length is 12.2 km from the Base Camp. The nearest settlement to the Manaslu peak is Samagaun at a distance of 1.9 km. The nearest police post from the peak is in Samagaun 1.9 km away. The nearest Armed Police Force and army posts from the peak is in Dhadingbesi at a distance of 120.1 km or Gorkha at 120.6 km. The nearest health post from the peak is in Samagaun at a distance of 1.9 km.


  • Province:

    Gandaki Pradesh
  • Mountain Range:

  • District:

  • Municipality/Rural Municipality:

    Nashong/Chum Nubri

Nearest help center

( from the basecamp along
the caravan route )
  • Police post:

  • Armed police post

    Dhadingbesi 118.2KM
  • Army post:

    Dhadingbesi 118.2KM
  • Health centre/post:

  • Nearest settlement :


Royalty Fees

  • Nepalese (NRs):

    Spring 10000, Autumn 5000, Winter/Summer 2500
  • Foreigners (USD):

    Spring 1800, Autumn 900, Winter/Summer 450

How to get there

  • From Kathmandu:

    Drive to Dhadingbesi
  • Caravan route:

    Arughat-Jagat-Sama gaon-BC
  • Caravan route

    118.2KM through Dhadingbesi
  • Climbing route

  • Duration:

    65 Days


Four Faces

Manaslu (West face from Timang)

Manaslu (East face from Birendra TalIMG)

Manaslu (North Face from Dharmasala)